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Model: 362790765991
5 different blades for Peeling, Dicing, Mashing, Chopping, Grating and Shredding. 1 Handheld Peeler 1 Onion Slicer 1 Juice Presser 1 Yoke Separator 1 Handguard Protection Unit to hold the vegetables while you\'re preparing them..
Model: 333871762236
HOMEMADE QUARTER POUNDER This press is an ideal house solution for homemade hamburgers, it is suitable for chicken, turkey, pork and vegetable burgers. Create unique flavours by adding different spices to your minced meat. Become a chef master by creating your signature quarter pounder with this ea..
Model: a98q271wa
MORE COMPLETE CAKE DECORATING KIT】106 pieces Cake Decorating Set includes different kind of decorating tools you could imagine. It includes: ✔cake rotating turntable ✔54 piping nozzles ✔12 silicone cake modules ✔ 2 cake smoother✔3 cake scrappers ✔cake cutter ✔2 cake nails ✔ flower lifter ✔cake pen ✔..
Model: 303050590508
4 Piece Fondue Set Includes Bowl, Heating Compartment and Forks Perfect for any Event, Wedding, Family Dinner etc. Suitable for any type of chocolate Measures approx: 125 x 125 x 155 mm PLEASE NOTE: NOT SUITABLE FOR OIL..
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