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Weather Stations, Thermometers & Hygrometers

Model: RE32984158039AS
Features:Clock display, 12/24 hour switchable.It can show you the time, date, month, week, and you can set time, date, month, year by yourself.The product has time, temperature, humidity, display function, a temperature change trend map with anti-weather forecast function.It is really practical that..
Model: RE32947934227AS
Product Functions: 1. Weather Forecast; 2. DCF Radio Control Clock; 3. Time in optional 12 24 hour format; 4. Daily Alarm with Snooze Function; 5. Minimum/maximum display for air humidity and temperature; 6. Indoor/Outdoor temperature ( C or F ) and humidity; 7. 8 seconds Backlight by..
Model: RE4000691466396AS
FEATURES:1), Display Weather icons2), Display Temperature(°C / °F ) and Humidity3), Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze Function4), Display Time (12hr / 24hr )5), Display Day of week6), Indicate Comfort Level with Smiley or Sad face icon7), Indicate Temperature Trend with a Bar Graph8), with Blue L..
Model: RE33051924684AS
Specifications: Material: ABSIndoor Temperature: -50 ~+70 Centigrade (-58~+158 F)temperature measuring Accuracy: ±1°(1.8F)Outdoor Temperature: -50~+70 Centigrade (-58~+158 F)temperature Resolution: ±0.1°(0.2F)Indoor Humidity: 10%RH~99%RHHumidity measuring Accuracy: ±10%RHUse Battery: 1 * 1.5V (..
Model: RE33008419665AS
Main Station:1. The weather forecast function;2. DCF radio controlled time function (ON or OFF) Germany Function Only, other country please turn it OFF;3. Date and weekday display; Calendar Up to Year 2099;4. Time in optional 12/24 hour format;5. Daily Alarm Function;6. Automatic snooze function (OF..
Model: RE4000533376884AS
Features:- Made of high quality aluminum alloy, it is solid, durable and good performance, long service life.- 3 in 1 barometer can predict the weather accurately according to the variation tendency of the environment's temperature, humidity and air pressure.- It has rainy, cloudy, sunny patterns on..
Model: OL32787571035AS
Specifications:  Measuring Temperature range:  -10°C~+70°C (-14°F~+158°F)  Measuring Humidity range: 10%~90% RHAccuracy: Temperature ±1°C (1.8°F)                  Humidit..
Model: RE32847168952AS
Specifications:  Measuring Temperature range:  -10°C~+70°C (-14°F~+158°F)  Measuring Humidity range: 10%~90% RHAccuracy: Temperature ±1°C (1.8°F)                  Humidit..
Model: 4000536933301
Features:1. Shows Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures. With Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature switch function.2. Snooze alarm clock.3. Three icons of the comfort indicator for indoor air conditions: dry, comfortable and humid.4. With color weather forecast function.5. Key control backli..
Model: RE4000015392921AS
Features:2 in 1 Thermometer + Hygrometer, a perfect household device helps you keep your family's living conditions optimal.Large LCD display shows real-time temperature and humidity with °/° temperature units for selection.Wide temperature range (-50~70° / -58~158°) and humidity range (10~99%RH) wi..
Model: RE32877993989AS
The following table provides specifications for the measured parameters.MeasurementRangeAccuracyResolutionOutdoor Temperature-20 to 60 °C± 1 °C0.1 °COutdoor Humidity10 to 99%± 5% (only guaranteed between 20 to 90%)1%  • Outdoor temperature range: -20 to 60 degree Celsius• Tempera..
Model: RE32874265989AS
Descriptions:1. The date display format can be set as: YYYY-MM-DD,MM-DD- YYYY,DD-MM-YYYY(user  setting)2.The hour display format can be set between 12 hour format or 24 hour format. The  time zone can be set from-12 to +12 (user setting);  3.The RCC time function c..
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