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Model: TYRE0982EU4
CHARGE INTO BATTLE - Within each Transformers robot rests a powerful core made of Energon With the Power Charge Bumblebee toy, kids can imagine charging up the core and charging into battle AMP UP THE POWER IN 2 MODES - Give this Bumblebee figure a boost in h..
Model: TYRC3480ES10
All spark Tech starter pack with Shadow Spark Optimus Prime figure Includes All spark Tech cube that powers all All spark Tech figures Cube activates lights and 15+ sounds and phrases: ?1 shall stand. 1 shall fall.? ..
Model: TYRE3480ES0
BUILD THE ULTIMATE BATTLEFIELD: Discover an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures and weapon accessories with Siege figures (Each sold separately Subject to availability) CUSTOMISABLE WEAPON LOADOUT: Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime figure comes with 4 weapo..
Model: TYRE3544ES1
TRA GEN WFC VOYAGER STARSCREAM Ideal for kids Designed for easy use ..
Model: TYRE4501ES0
It is a toy. It is from the Transformers brand It is of high quality ..
Model: TYRB5883E48
Set contains: Autobot and racing car, Wreck-Gar junkion Scrapheap Includes 3 Premium Deluxe Figures with decoration Relive the most iconic scenes of the history of Transformers ..
Model: TYRE2316
These characters to collect ultra-premium. not that are a must for any Transformers Collection With a decorative and the film details. The figurines Transformers Master Piece represents the greatest characters from Tra..
Model: TYRE2066ES0
11.5 Inch action attackers megaton figure: Utmost Class Megaton figure is 11.5 Inch tall; similar figure scale to Transformers Titan Changers action figures Repeatable attack move: Megaton figure performs his signature Fusion Mega Shot Action Attack move in b..
Model: TYRB7066EU40
Power surge optimus prime and mini-con weaponisers aerobolt figures Mini-con weaponisers figure activates cannons, wings, lights, phrases, and sounds Works with other mini-con weaponisers figures (each sold separately)..
Model: TYRE4469ES1
Studio series voyager class ? voyager class figures are 6.5-Inch collectible action figures inspired by iconic movie scenes Figure is highly articulated for posability Figure and packaging are inspired by the iconic py..
Model: TYRE3831CB0
This collectible figure measures 11 cm in robot mode. It is inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with features to reflect the Transformers movie universe. 11 cm Shatter figure: with its 2 detailed weapon accessories, this figure features a realistic m..
Model: TYRE4700CB0
Transformer Deluxe class size 5.5" Product Description ..
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